Biological Dentistry in Castro Valley

Dr. Tanisawa is recognized today as a “Biological Dentist”, although Biological Dentistry is not considered a separate nor recognized specialty of dentistry...

It is more of a mental attitude and thought process to always seek the safest, least toxic and least damaging way to treat a patient's dental and medical problems. In our office, we use only established scientific treatment techniques and utilize only the safest FDA-approved materials available in dentistry.

Dr. Tanisawa is Accredited and SMART Certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT). The established creed of the IAOMT is “Show Me The Science”. Dr. Tanisawa is knowledgeable and been trained in the modern techniques of proper amalgam (mercury) filling removal and its needed replacement using more biocompatible dental materials. He constantly stays current with the latest dental and medical research and collaborates with top doctors and scientists. He attends numerous dental, medical, & scientific meetings. To see the science behind the severe toxicityof mercury fillings, please Goggle – “Smoking Tooth video”. Beware: The video is graphic.

Our dental office carefully and safely collects and recycles all the toxic mercury debris obtained during and from the removal of dental amalgam fillings. We employ only FDA - certified equipment to protect our patients, staff and the local environment, using the top rated “Amalgam Collector” unit selected by the ADA (American Dental Association Research). Learn More The trapped toxic mercury waste is then collected and shipped to the appropriate official disposal sites designated across the country.

If you are especially concerned and/or are very sensitive to different materials, we strongly recommend reviewing the updated Proposition 65 - List of Chemicals known to cause harm by the State of California. Learn more

There are diagnostic laboratories that will perform reactivity tests of your body to specific materials used in Dentistry and will then compile and publish an individual - “Compatibility Report” - specifically just for you at a reasonable cost. (Ask to see a copy of this incredible report and get more information when you visit our office).