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Background and Credentials

“Dr. T.” was born Alan S. Tanisawa in the Gila River Relocation Camp during World War II on the Pima Indian reservation in the middle of the Arizona desert. Returning from camp, he grew up in the San Francisco East Bay Area, attending Fairmont Grammar, Edendale Jr. and San Lorenzo High schools. Higher education included fifteen consecutive years at U.C. Berkeley - undergraduate and graduate programs, including all summer sessions - receiving a B.A. ('65) and a Ph.D. ('71) in Cell Physiology.

Dr. T.'s first graduate professor at UCB was Dr. Herbert M. Evans, co-discoverer of vitamin E. He died in 1971 of a stroke. Dr. T. was one of his last students. Many of his peers believe he should have received a Nobel Prize for his lifetime's work. Dr. T.'s first academic position was provided by Prof. Nello Pace, Dept. Chairman and world famous environmental physiologist, who directed Dr. T. to the remote U.C. White Mountain Research Station, to study the effects of high altitude on man - specifically, the effects of hypoxia (low oxygen), high radiation exposure due to the low atmospheric shielding at high altitude and the effects of free radicals (oxidative stress) produced by harsh environmental conditions.

His doctoral thesis supervisor was Prof. John G. Forte, an expert in gastric acid secretion, energy metabolism, membrane transport. Other professors included Dr. Lester Packer, expert in network antioxidants, mitochondria, membrane transport, and alpha lipoic acid; Dr. Robert Macy, expert on cellular transport; Dr. Paola S. Timiras, expert on aging and stress hormones; Dr. Walter J. Freeman, on the brain and nervous systems; Dr. Hisashi Sanui, on cell transport; Dr. Kozo Utsumi, on mitochondrial energy; Dr. Dinkar Kasbekar, on gastric acid secretion/membrane transport; and many pre- and post- Doctoral colleagues and Research Fellows from all over the world. Incredibly, we were all neighbors as our laboratories occupied the first floor of Life Science Building. Most fortunately, Dr. T. arrived in Berkeley soon after Dr. Denham Harman introduced his world famous “Free Radical Theory of Aging (FRTA)” at the U.C. Donner Laboratory in 1955. His theory has survived over 60 yrs of scrutiny and remains the predominant theory of why man gets old and suffers from chronic diseases. Free radicals are unstable molecules that attack our body and are fought by Anti-Oxidants. Dr. Lester Packer was the first scientist to introduce his “network of anti-oxidants” and has often been referred to as “Dr. Antioxidant”. Dr. T. was blessed to be “at the right place at the right time”. Now it is Dr. T.'s remaining lifetime's goal to share what was given to him by so many...

After U.C. Berkeley, Dr. T. attended the U.C.S.F. School of Dentistry receiving a Master's Degree in Dental Sciences ('73) and the Doctor of Dental Surgery ('75). Memorable teachers included: Dr. Ronald Coleman (Anatomy), Dr. Ernie Newbrun (Biochemistry), Dr. Hajime Hamaguchi (Morphology), Drs. Al Schuhart & Charles Watkins (Restorative), Drs. Ellsworth Kelly & Arthur Krol (Removeable), Drs. Nguyen T. Nguyen & John Sapone (Endodontics), Drs. Verne Tueller & Fred Wong (Fixed), Drs. Richard Smith and Edward Stoddard (Oral Surgery), Dr. Troy Daniels (Oral Pathology), and so many others... I apologize to those that I may have forgotten at this time...

In His Free Time

Dr. Tanisawa is a lifetime member of the ADA (American Dental Association), CDA (California Dental Association) and SACDS (Southern Alameda County Dental Society). He is also a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Caifornia Sleep Society, OKU (Omicron Kappa Upsilon), and several other dental and civic organizations..

Dr. T. will be forever grateful to all of his teachers throughout his lifetime – both personally and professionally - who demanded, encouraged and taught him much.

He again wishes to thank ALL of his wonderful teachers - who collectively made him who he is today...

Dr. T. is a living product of the University of California educational system for which he will always be thankful. He sincerely wishes to thank the Regents of the University of Calfornia and the Awards Committee at UCSF who bestowed upon him a “Regent's Scholarship” - that allowed him the funds and the opportunity to continue his eduational pursuits and goals...

Dr. T. hopes to help repay this blessed opportunity with the newly discovered “Vitamin E – Delta-Tocotrienol” isomer which is being extensively studied by many scientists around the world. Many published scientific reports are now revealing Delta-Tocotrienol having some amazing and incredible benefits for mankind... much more to come on this amazing molecule... time will tell... Stay tuned!

"Delta-Tocotrienol as a Radioprotective Countermeasure Agent"

“Delta-Tocotrienol Treatment and Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer” (esp. refer to Claim #8 !)

“Pharmacological Potential of Tocotrienols: A Review”